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playing card box (3d print)

Jan 2023

animated svg spider

Oct 2022


Sep 2022

A map constructor for Clojure/Script which emulates JavaScript’s ES6 object creation shorthand by introducing shorthand notation.


Apr 2022

A fork of an open source game for VR headsets with some usability tweaks

money clip (3d print)

Jan 2022

apply concat and friends

Sep 2019

A blog post about some Clojure options for joining lists together.

Condition Systems in an Exceptional Language

Oct 2015

A Clojure/Conj talk about how to get most of the benefits of the Common Lisp condition system using exceptions and dynamic variables.

Mal implementations in Forth and OCaml

Feb 2015

ClojureScript Under the Hood

Oct 2011

A Clojure/Conj talk about the internals of ClojureScript (tractionsvg content) (video)

Classes provided by Clojure

Oct 2011

A comprehensive graph of all the Java classes and interfaces provided by Clojure and how they relate to Java interfaces.